Business Cooperation


Armed with the license and existing technologies, we open up the opportunity to work together to establish a business Start up Digital in IT and Web Solutions with multiple choice partnership level.


Here are several models of cooperation that you can choose:

Master License

Master License here we aimed for those who are interested to open our joint IT company with Brancl and Technology (either partially or completely) will be yours alone. MasterLicense of Reseller has the right to control and marketing network in the province you want. Where all partners in the cities that exist in your province will have its main office to your company, which of course it is very helpful in increasing turnover and profits.

Speaking of the value of the investment, clearly require substantial funds, ranging between US $ 5,000, $ 10,000 up to $ 30,000 depending on the license any technology and anywhere you want to have.


Regular License

Regular License of Re-Seller is a model of cooperation that we provide to you to open a business IT city or county level. With the technology to have its master license in your province, then the value of the investment that you need not be too large. Only with an allocation of between US $ 1,500 to the $ 3,000 you’ve been able to open an IT company with products and services are quite comprehensive. Get complete information about the opportunity to work with using this model.



For those of you who want to participate take part will be the huge market potential in the IT business with a very AFFORDABLE capital once, then the choice of models as a reseller is timely. Reseller not just any reseller. IT Web Solutions business package complete with Automatic Business technology systems in anyway you can get, just like other existing Level Partnership.

Where only the capital budget of $ 500, or around Rp. 6,500,000 “-, you can already have a business package Domain & Hosting Services Provider, Reseller Partnership model we were very conformity to those who have had even more IT based companies have run to complete the field of Web Hosting products and services. If you plan to add more IT business sectors that exist in addition to Domain & Hosting Services Provider, please consult your plans to get the technology and the best price.